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Nov 21

Why is My Eyelid Twitching?

Eyelid twitching, also known as blepharospasm, can be an incredibly annoying and, at times, concerning condition. At Trumansburg Optical, we understand the frustration, worry, and discomfort that can accompany this involuntary muscle contraction. Rest assured, our dedicated team, led by

Oct 16

Common Eye Problems You Should Never Ignore

As an individual, your vision is one of the most important senses you possess. It's a window to the world around you and plays a crucial role in your everyday activities. Therefore, maintaining good eye health should be a top

Sep 19

Contact Lens Exams: Why Do They Matter?

A contact lens exam is a specialized examination performed by an eye care professional to ensure the proper fit of contact lenses on your eyes. This exam goes beyond a general eye examination which assesses your visual acuity and health.

Aug 6

Benefits of Routine Eye Exams

Our eyes are our windows to the world, helping us relish every moment of our daily routines. Whether it's reading, playing, watching a movie, or just a simple workday, our vision plays an indelible role in everything we do. As

Jul 12

Why Eye Exams for Children are Important

While your child may review an eye chart as part of his or her annual wellness exam at the pediatrician, this is just a cursory review of your child’s eyesight. This is where your young child may get flagged that

Jun 14

Keeping Your Eyes Healthy at the Beach

There is nothing like a day at the beach - the sun, sand, water and making memories with your family and friends. But not only can consistent sun exposure hurt your skin, it can affect your eyes. It is not

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