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Jan 30

Can Vitamins Improve Your Eyesight?

Eating a rainbow of fruits and vegetables and lean sources of protein as well as staying active are key aspects of a healthy lifestyle. But when it comes to your eyes, are there ways that you can actively keep them

Dec 27

How often should you get your eyes checked if you wear glasses?

Comprehensive eye exams are essential to not only your eye health but also your crystal clear view on the world. Prescription changes and possible signs of conditions are key components of what can be uncovered during eye exams. That is

Nov 13

We Focus on All Types of Eye Exams

Step One in any consistent eye health routine is your eye exam. Even if you do not have any noticeable issues or wear glasses or contacts, having your eyes checked out by a doctor is a key component of staying

Oct 18

Tips to Keep Your Eyes as Healthy as Possible

Your eyes need TLC too! First and foremost, a yearly comprehensive eye exam is vital to keeping your eyes on the right track and keeping them as healthy as possible. But there are ways to help your eyes stay healthy

Sep 14

Interesting Facts About Your Eyes

Our eyes are our window onto the world! They are amazing parts of our bodies that are vital to our everyday lives. We collected some phenomenal facts for you to peruse:  With the help of six muscles, your eyes blink

Aug 24

What to Expect at an Eye Exam

Everyone needs regular eye exams, no matter how old or young you are. The frequency of these exams tend to increase with age, as older adults have a higher risk for certain visual complications, such as glaucoma. It’s common to

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