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Apr 14

How Does the Environment Affect Your Eyes?

Our eyes, the windows to our souls, are remarkably intricate organs that give us the gift of vision. But have you considered that the quality of the world we see can impact the integrity of our eyes themselves? In this

Mar 5

How Does Aging Impact Our Eyes? 

Each year, the human body undergoes a series of natural transformations. Among these changes, those affecting our vision are often the most noticeable and stressful. This blog aims to shed light on the impact aging has on our eyes and

Feb 7

Does Sleep Apnea Affect Your Eyes? 

Getting diagnosed with sleep apnea can be alarming and comes with a multitude of questions. One of the main concerns may be how this condition affects your overall health, including your eyes. So, does sleep apnea actually affect your eyes? 

Dec 13

Why Are Dilated Eye Exams So Important?

Maintaining the health of your eyes is a critical aspect of overall well-being. The dilated eye exam is a pivotal part of comprehensive eye care. It allows eye care professionals to thoroughly examine the structures of your eye and detect

Nov 21

Why is My Eyelid Twitching?

Eyelid twitching, also known as blepharospasm, can be an incredibly annoying and, at times, concerning condition. At Trumansburg Optical, we understand the frustration, worry, and discomfort that can accompany this involuntary muscle contraction. Rest assured, our dedicated team, led by

Oct 16

Common Eye Problems You Should Never Ignore

As an individual, your vision is one of the most important senses you possess. It's a window to the world around you and plays a crucial role in your everyday activities. Therefore, maintaining good eye health should be a top

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