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Contact Lens Expert Guidance at Your Interlaken Optometrist

As a family-owned full-service optometrist, Dr. Henninger has the expertise and experience to assist with all of your eye care needs. The Trumansburg Optical team offers eye exams and consultations, contact fitting and guidance, and a large selection of frames to fit your glasses style. Our team can go over the variations of lenses that will help you see your best and can stand up to daily wear. We work with major medical plans and accept most eye insurance. We will help you understand your particular benefits and how to best utilize them to get the most out of your investment. Our Dr. Henninger has strong community ties in the Finger Lakes area, practicing since 1992. The doctor is part of a variety of associations and strives to stay on top of the latest news and innovations in the industry. He serves the community in various roles as a board member and with the chamber of commerce.

Eye Exam First Step Toward Contact Lens Fitting in Interlaken

Your appointment will begin with a thorough eye exam to not only determine your prescription but also identify any issues that need to be addressed. A yearly eye exam is imperative to your overall health. You also need to be tested for any vision changes that can occur. The correct prescription can truly contribute to the quality of life and your children’s ability to do their best at school. Annual exams are vital to those who have such conditions as diabetes as well. A good rule of thumb for children is to have their vision tested before the age of one, then again at three years old and before they begin school.

When you walk through our doors, you will have the health of your eyes examined. Dr. Henninger will see how they perform individually and together and test for near- and far-sightedness. A thorough health exam will be completed using advanced equipment. The utilization of dilating eye drops to obtain a more comprehensive view of the internal workings of the eye is done on a case-by-case basis.

Contact Lens Options Available in Interlaken 

Contact lenses continue to be a popular option for eyesight correction. Lenses allow for the freedom of clear vision without the restraints of glasses. Soft contact lenses are the material that can best fit individuals who may seek to wear them overnight. Different materials offer variations of oxygen permeability, which can impact the comfort level. Soft contacts are available in daily disposable varieties and toric selections for those with astigmatism. Hard or rigid contact lenses are more resilient and can be the best choice for those working in certain conditions. Rigid lenses can last for two to six years but may take time to adjust to the feeling.

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