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Contact Lenses Exam Near Hector

When you are considering contacts, come to Trumansburg Optical! We are a small, family-run optometrist’s office with over a decade of experience. At our office, you can receive a contact lens exam near Hector to see if contact lenses would be right for you. If so, you can select from a variety of contact lenses and find what works best. Call us today to learn more about how you can get contact lenses at Trumansburg Optical.  

Contacts or Glasses: Which is Better?

Vision change is a natural part of aging. Even if you have 20/20 vision now, you will likely need some form of vision correction at some point in your life. You have the choice of contacts, glasses or LASIK surgery. Put simply, there is no universally better option. It all comes down to your individual preferences. Some people enjoy wearing glasses for the style and ease, while others prefer contact lenses because they are not visible. 

Whether you get glasses or contact lenses, you will enjoy the freedom of choice. Both options have light adaptive varieties and different kinds available that fit your vision needs. You’ll find both of these at Trumansburg Optical: we have many stylish designer frames available for you to look your best!   

Types of Contact Lenses

If you would prefer to avoid wearing glasses and do not want to undergo LASIK surgery, contact lenses are for you! Before settling on a pair, know that not all contact lenses are the same. You can choose between different types, so you find a pair that are the most comfortable for your eyes. Contact lenses can be soft or rigid: learn about the differences between the two. 

  • Soft lenses: These lenses are very thin and comfortable. Permeable and breathable, they are called “soft” because they are bendable and conform to the eye’s surface. While many people find soft lenses more comfortable than other varieties, they are less durable and sometimes must be replaced more often depending on the variety of soft lenses you are using. 
  • Rigid lenses: Rigid lenses are sturdy and offer clearer vision than their soft lens counterparts. They can also help individuals who have specific eye conditions, such as astigmatism. Additionally, rigid lenses can last to up to a year before being replaced, which will save you money. However, the downside is that they are not as comfortable. For many individuals, rigid lenses require some time to get used to. 

Whether you choose soft or rigid lenses, you will want to first speak with an optometrist. If it turns out that you do have astigmatism, presbyopia or another condition that prevents you from seeing clearly, it is important to discuss the best treatment option for you.  

Get a Contact Lenses Exam Near Hector

Trumansburg Optical is your local optometrist that offers contact lenses and more. Our optometrist will perform a full exam on your eyes to check for abnormalities and to determine what prescription you will need. Call us to schedule a contact lens exam near Hector today!    

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