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Contact Lenses Jacksonville

Contact Lenses Jacksonville

Contact Lenses from Your Jacksonville Expert

As a full-service optometrist, Trumansburg Optical is here for all of your eye-care needs. Our team provides the eye care that you need while connecting with our patients in a compassionate and positive way. We provide eye exams that are key to ensuring your eye health and more. By abiding by the recommended eye exam schedule, we can work with you to see your best as well as watch for other health-related issues. Your eyes can be a look into your overall health as well as be your window out into the world. Beyond eye exams, we can work with you on the perfect pair of contact lenses and glasses as well.

Eye Exam First Step to Contact Lenses Near Jacksonville

Whether you are new to contacts or needing to adjust your prescription, a comprehensive eye exam is needed first and foremost. You can expect to have our Dr. Henninger check your overall eye health and how your eyes are functioning together and separately. We will go through the process to ensure that we have the most up-to-date and best prescription, so you can see your best both far away and near. We are happy to discuss the types of contact lens options and what might work best for you and your lifestyle. We will also do a health assessment as there are conditions that can affect your eyesight for a lifetime.

We recommend that you have annual eye exams if you wear contacts or have glasses as your eyesight and eye health can change throughout the year. For our younger patients, we do recommend that they receive eye exams at 1, 3 and 5, and then every year that they are in school. How they see at school can affect their ability to perform at their best. When glasses are in the way and they are old enough for contacts, we can work with them as first-time lens wearers and teach them the ins and outs of how to take care of their lenses.

Contact Lenses and More Near Jacksonville

For contact lens wearers, you can select daily disposable, bi-weekly disposable or monthly contact lenses. Each type of lens has its own benefits that may fit your daily life. Daily lenses require a lot less cleaning and care, while monthly lenses are more durable. If you also are looking for a new pair of glasses, our team can help with that as well. We carry lots of styles of frames that will fit a variety of budgets. We are able to complete edging in-house if you are just updating your lenses and reusing your frames.

Connect with Our Team for Contact Lenses Near Jacksonville

Our optometrist is available to assist you today and help you maintain your eye health and eyesight. We also offer emergency eye care if something unexpected happens to your eyes or vision. Contact us through our online contact form.

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