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Contact Lenses Mecklenburg from Your Neighborhood Eye Doctor

At Trumansburg Optical, our team treats you like one of the family – because that is what our patients become after years of providing comprehensive eye exams. Dr. Henninger has been in the Finger Lakes area since 1992 and serves the community through a variety of roles. Our services cover all of the essentials that you need from your eye doctor, glasses, contacts, thorough exams and emergency treatment. Consistent eye exams and treatment of issues remains a vital component of being happy and healthy. These routine exams can uncover other health issues as well.

What to Expect for Your Contact Lenses Exam in Mecklenburg

Keeping your eyes healthy is the No. 1 goal of an eye exam, with helping you see as clearly as possible a close No. 2. How your eyes function both separately and together is important to how you see out in the world. We will work with you to determine your exact prescription and if you would like to have glasses, contact lenses or both. There are times that Dr. Henninger will decide to utilize dilating eye drops, which can affect your ability to see clearly and drive. This allows the doctor to have a better, in-depth look inside your eye to make sure there are no abnormalities.

While typically an annual exam is best, there are varied recommendations depending on your age and health. Those older than 45 should see an eye doctor every year as well as children who are in school. Recommendations for younger kids are before one year old, at 3 and then when they begin school. If you are an adult between 18 and 45 and do not wear contact lenses or do not have health issues, you can visit us every other year.

Choices of Contact Lenses in Mecklenburg

Once our doctor works with you to determine your prescription, he will also go over what is available that will fit your lifestyle as well. Contact lenses come in daily disposable, bi-weekly or monthly options. Longer-lasting lenses are more durable, but do need to be disinfected and cleaned regularly to keep your eyes healthy. Daily disposables are convenient for their shorter use time and less need for solution.

Whether you are new to contacts or it’s old hat, remember to always wash your hands before handling your lenses and do not sleep in your lenses unless they are designed for that. Keep a calendar of when your lenses need to be changed if you have bi-weekly or monthly lenses. Having rewetting drops or extra solution on hand when you are on the go is always a good idea if something gets in your eye or your lenses start to irritate you.

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