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Contact Lenses Valois

Contact Lenses Valois

One of the biggest decisions those seeking vision correction will need to make is choosing between glasses and contacts. Of course, many people who wear contacts also have a spare pair of glasses and vice versa. However, you may wonder which option is better for your eye health. Talking to an optometrist can help. At Trumansburg Optical, we deliver exceptional care and quality service for those in need of a vision check up. If you need contact lenses, Valois residents can stop by our neighborhood optometry business. 

The Benefits of Regular Eye Exams

It’s always good to visit an eye doctor. Even if your vision seems fine, you may never know if you actually need a new prescription. Vision is something many of us take for granted, yet our lives are significantly changed in the case of an eye injury, vision disturbance, illness and more. Taking care of your eyes involves regular visits to a trusted optometrist. Trumansburg Optical hopes to be your family’s top destination for dedicated eye care. 

We use technology to take a close look at the inner structure of your eye. Our doctor can identify problems before they begin to cause permanent damage, such as certain degenerative diseases. An eye exam can also identify problems with your general health, such as high blood pressure. Overall, an investment in your vision supports the rest of your body. 

Why Visit Trumansburg Optical

Finding a reliable optometrist who takes the time to answer your questions is easy when you choose our office. Trumansburg Optical has delivered compassionate eye care for more than 15 years. Our team works together to deliver an astounding experience that covers all of your most urgent needs. We use preventative strategies to ensure your eyes stay as healthy as possible. 

We regularly prescribe contacts to our patients. Many individuals want to retain their natural look, and contacts are a great alternative for anyone who doesn’t want to use glasses. There are quite a few benefits to using contacts, such as not having to worry about them breaking when being active, easy cleaning, full peripheral vision and more. Getting contacts is easy. All you need to do is schedule an eye exam with our optometrist. We will check your vision for any changes and get you set up with a pair of contacts meant to improve your visual acuity. We want you to be fully satisfied with your visit, and so you can expect a great experience with our team.  

  • Customized solutions
  • Better visual health
  • Friendly, attentive office staff
  • Optometrist who actively listens to your concerns
  • Fast appointments that are easy to book

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Trumansburg Optical is proud to be a leading choice for contact lenses. Valios residents regularly turn to our team for the outstanding eye care they need. We have a long standing reputation in the local community as a family owned and operated business offering great solutions to your vision problems. Whether you have an emergency eye problem or simply a question for our doctor, we encourage you to contact us.

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