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Emergency Eye Doctor Burdett

Emergency Eye Doctor Offers Compassionate Care in Burdett

Any type of emergency can cause anxiety and fear, but this is especially true when it pertains to your eyes and eyesight. That is why our doctor at Trumansburg Optical approaches each and every emergency appointment with a gentle touch and caring attitude. We will take a moment to help our patients relax and calm down, so that we can best determine what has happened or what is the problem. We will approach the emergency quickly and treat the patient as fast as we can to get them back on track. Our comprehensive eye care services will help lead to a solution that is best for you.

When to See an Emergency Eye Doctor in Burdett

Our team is happy to discuss with you an issue that you are worried about to help you determine if an emergency eye care visit is necessary or a later appointment would work. While some symptoms that you may be experiencing are bothersome, such as itchy or dry eyes, other symptoms may need to be addressed quickly. Obviously, if you have sudden vision loss that needs to be addressed as soon as possible. Other symptoms that should prompt you to call us may include stabbing pain in an eye, sudden blurriness, new spots or flashes of light in your field of vision or swelling.

Our physician works to provide a high level of care to anyone that is experiencing sudden symptoms. It may be related to a migraine headache or a more serious issue, such as retinal detachment. It is also best to check in with an eye doctor after having an injury to your head or eyes to ensure that there are no vision-related complications.

More Than Just an Emergency Eye Doctor in Burdett

Annual eye exams are vital to our patients’ overall health. Vision is essential to a happy and healthy life for everyone of all ages. Our experience and professional optometrist can help head off any larger issues down the road as part of a comprehensive exam that looks for an issue early on. Dr. Henninger will check on the health of your eyes and how they work together as a team. He will determine if any vision correction is needed as well as if there are any eye health issues beginning,.

Our crew can help with the selection of new frames or contacts. We strive to keep on-hand a range of selections and styles that are from a mix of designers. We can discuss what are your best lens options, so your glasses are the best fit just for you. We complete our lens edging all in-house, so you wait less time and you can reuse your favorite old frames. If you also want contacts, we can set you up with daily disposables, bi-weekly or even monthly lenses. 

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