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Emergency Eye Doctor Covert

Emergency Eye Doctor Covert

Emergency Eye Doctor in Covert Ready to Help

As a full-service optometrist, our team has been providing eye care services since 2005. Trumansburg Optical can assist with all of your eye care needs, including comprehensive eye exams, contacts, in-house glasses offerings, emergency services, and overall eye health help. While we incorporate the latest in technology and innovation, we continue to have personalized care and customized offerings at the core of what we do every day. We want you to feel at home at our place and rely on our experts to take care of your eye health for years to come. We work with patients from the youngest to the oldest, and we can discuss what is the best approach to your age group when it comes to eye health.

Emergency Eye Doctor is Here For You in Covert

Just like any other aspect of health care, emergencies can occur that require immediate attention and services. Our team is honored to offer our community members emergency services in their times of need. Having concerns about your vision is one thing, but needing immediate care is determined by the symptoms that you are facing. We recommend you seek out quick care if you have sudden changes in your vision that are unexplained. Other reasons to seek out our emergency services include: sudden blurriness, stabbing pain in your eye, the appearance of a “curtain” of darkness or more floaters, swelling or redness, and the sudden appearance of flashes of light.

Of course, an injury to your eye area definitely is a reason to seek out emergency services. No matter what, we will offer a compassionate touch when we see you as we understand that a sudden issue with your vision is very stressful and anxiety-inducing. We will work as quickly as possible to determine what is wrong and what is the best approach to treatment. If you are on the fence about needing emergency services, contact us for guidance.

Emergency Eye Doctor and More in Covert

Regular comprehensive eye exams are the best approach to maintaining healthy eyes. Our optometrist will review your health history and check your vision for both near- and far-sightedness to determine your best prescription. Our team can also review with you if you want contacts or new glasses. We may recommend dilation to get a better look inside your eye as well. Eye exams should be performed annually in most cases. Those who are 18 to 45 can go every other year if they do not wear glasses or contacts and do not have any concerns. We should see our young patients at 1, 3 and when they are entering school. We want to see school-age kids every year.

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