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Emergency Eye Doctor Jacksonville

Emergency Eye Doctor Jacksonville

Eye Doctor Near Jacksonville Helps With Your Emergency

Your vision is vital to your life, so when you have a sudden issue with your eyes, it is very scary. Our team at Trumansburg Optical is a professional optometrist office that can help you with your eye-related emergency. Our lead optician will promptly examine your eyes and determine the best course of treatment to ensure that you are calm and that your vision is kept safe as well as your eyes. Our team has been serving our communities for years. We are a family-owned office that not only helps with emergencies, but also annual eye exams, glasses and contact lenses. We have a wide variety of frames and types of lenses in stock, so you can get going with your best vision possible as soon as you walk out of our offices.

Know When To Seek Emergency Treatment for Your Jacksonville Eye Doctor 

While a change in vision can wait until a regularly scheduled eye exam, there are some minor – and major – symptoms that you should address immediately with our emergency eye care service. If you are experiencing any concerning issues, we encourage you to stay as calm as possible and have a family member or friend reach out to us for treatment. We understand how any emergency health issues can be very scary – especially if you are having severe pain or trouble seeing. Some issues that may require immediate care include: a sudden blurriness that does not go away, a severe burning or stabbing pain in your eye, a loss of vision, swelling or redness in or around your eye, seeing unusual spots or flashes of light or an increase in floaters or an area of darkness at the edge of your field of vision.

Some of these types of symptoms are also related to migraine headaches, an infection or allergies. But if you typically do not have these conditions, it could be a problem with your eyes. Our team also recommends that you see us quickly if you had a sports injury or car accident that has affected your eye area or vision.

More Than Just An Emergency Eye Doctor Near Jacksonville

We are ready to see you for your typical and annual eye exam as well. We will examine your overall eye health for any conditions or signs of health issues, such as diabetes. We will work with you carefully to determine your prescription, so that you can see your absolute best every day. We will discuss with you how you want to correct your vision. We keep many types of contact lenses on hand to expedite your better vision. If you are in need of new eyeglasses, we carry a range of frame styles.

Your Emergency Eye Doctor is Here for You Near Jacksonville

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