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Emergency Eye Doctor Near Hector, NY

Emergency Eye Doctor Near Hector, NY

Experts Available as Emergency Eye Doctor Near Hector, NY

Since 1992, Dr. Henninger has led his family-owned optometric practice, providing all services to patients in the region. Trumansburg Optical offers everything you need to keep your eyes healthy and seeing your best every day whether you wear glasses, contacts or both. Our team strives to keep many varieties of contact lenses in stock as well as various frame styles for you to choose from. We can help all ages from young to old. Contact wearers should have an exam every year and children should be checked before 1, at about 3 and again before starting school.

Compassionate Care at Your Emergency Eye Doctor Near Hector, NY

When a situation arises out of nowhere regarding your eyes, it is scary. Vision emergencies may require a specialist at our team at Trumansburg Optical is here for you when you need it. If you come to us after an emergency situation, you can expect a thorough exam as well as tests to determine the best course of action and treatment. An emergency visit can be prompted by various symptoms, including stabbing eye pain, a sudden onset of blurriness or problems focusing, swelling or redness, loss of vision or unusual spots or light flashes. 

If you see floaters but are seeing more or these floaters are also in conjunction with a darkness around the edge of your vision, it is best to make an emergency appointment. While some of these symptoms could be related to migraines, an infection or allergy, it is always safer to have it checked out by an eye care professional just in case.

Regular Exams Also Available at Your Emergency Eye Doctor Near Hector, NY

Having your eyes looked at on a regular basis is as important as seeing your other health care professionals. Not only does improved vision make your view on the world better, but an exam can also ensure that your eyes stay healthy for life. Not only will our doctor check on your vision, but also see if there are any signs of early problems, such as glaucoma or cataracts. There may be the use of dilating drops, which allow us to see the inside of your eyes. As they can affect your ability to drive, we recommend bringing someone along.

If you are a contact wearer, we will have a conversation about what brand and type will work best, depending on your prescription. There are daily disposable, bi-weekly and monthly disposable options available. Our doctor is happy to discuss proper lens care as well, such as always replacing your contacts according to the designated timeframe and don’t sleep in them unless they are specified for that purpose. Contacts remain a popular, convenient and comfortable solution.

Your Emergency Eye Doctor Near Hector, NY, is Available Today

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