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Emergency Eye Doctor Near Me

Emergency Eye Doctor Near Me

Emergency Eye Doctor Near Me Available for Help Today

Eye health is vital to a happy and long life. The team at Trumansburg Optical is here to help you maintain your vision to see your best and keep your eyes as healthy as possible. We serve our region with all aspects of eye care from exams to emergency care with in-house help with eyeglasses and contact lenses. We work with older adults and the youngest members of our community to help them adjust to being in an eye doctor’s chair and going through the steps of an exam. We recommend that children get an initial exam around 1 year old, at 3 years old and then when beginning school to assess for any issues as early as possible. 

Emergency Eye Doctor Near Me Eases My Anxiety

When you think of eye health, you typically imagine exams, but there may be a need to see an eye doctor on an emergency basis. Our team can help you when an emergency pops up for patients of any age. We understand that eyesight issues can be very scary, so we approach these times with a delicate hand and a calm demeanor. While dry, itchy and irritated eyes may be annoying, these symptoms do not constitute an emergency. What does is a sudden blurriness, sudden and sharp eye pain, eye injury, swelling, vision loss or sudden spots of flashes of light.

While some of these symptoms are related to migraines, infections or allergies, if they are sudden or unusual symptoms, it can be a relief to connect with or see an optician to go over what you are facing and what are your best next steps. 

Emergency Eye Doctor and Beyond Near Me

We can schedule your annual eye exam today as well to put you on the path to the best possible vision. We can assist with new frames and glasses that will help you look and see your best. We take care of lens edging right in-house, so that you do not have to wait as long and you are able to recycle your old frames if you wish. We also carry many stylish brands if you are in the market for a fresh pair of eyeglasses. Our team can help our contact lens wearers pick out the best type of lenses to fit your prescription and lifestyle. Contact lenses are available in daily disposable, two-week options or monthly lenses. If you are new to wearing lenses, we can go over your best choice to ease you into the contact lens lifestyle.

Connect with an Emergency Eye Doctor Near Me

We are happy to work with you today on a path to your best vision or help you with any emergency situations. Reach out to us through our online contact form to make an appointment or to ask our team any questions.

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