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Eye Care Center Ithaca

Eye Care Center Ithaca

Eye Care Center near Ithaca Keeps Your Peepers Healthy

Taking care of your eyes is as important as your annual wellness visits and preventive tests. Your eyes are so vital to a long and happy life to see your world and enjoy time with your family, friends and loved ones. At Trumansburg Optical, our team can help you keep your eyes healthy no matter if you wear glasses or contacts or if you are a senior or a young child just starting in school. We treat all ages and will discuss your own particular ways to keep your eyes seeing their best. Our optometrist believes in comprehensive eye exams that will not only determine your prescription but also your eye health. We are also available for an emergency if you have sudden issues or an injury to one of your eyes.

Get Your Comprehensive Exam at Our Eye Care Center near Ithaca

Our team will take the time to thoroughly examine your eyes for any problems. We will discuss if you have had any issues or changes in vision that we need to check out. When you arrive, you can expect us to view how your eyes function both together and separate in order to pinpoint your best prescription. We will also check for any conditions that could be showing signs in your eyes such as diabetes, as well as eye diseases, including glaucoma and cataracts. If we find that there is a need to see even deeper into your eyes, we will recommend dilating your eyes, which allows us to get a better look inside. It can be difficult to see while driving, so we advise you to have someone with you.

Depending on your age and corrections, we can work with you on how often you should come in to see us. If you wear glasses or have contacts, you need to see us annually to check for any changes in your vision. If your children are entering school, they should be examined as well as every year. Young kids should have an initial exam at 1, again at 3 and then for kindergarten. Adults ages 18 to 45 who do not have corrected vision and no problems can go every other year. If you are older than 45, we advise visiting us yearly no matter what.

Eye Care Center Near Ithaca for Glass and Contacts

If you have corrected vision and wear contacts, we can discuss what brand and type are ideal for you. Contacts are available in daily, monthly and bi-weekly options. We carry a variety of styles and brand names of frames for your glasses. We complete your lens edging in-house to help cut back on turnover time and you can more easily reuse your old frames.

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