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Eye Doctor Covert

Eye Doctor Covert

Covert Eye Doctor Keeps You Seeing Your Best and Beyond

A visit to your neighborhood eye doctor is more than just getting your prescription and a trendy pair of glasses. Your appointment is a vital component of your health routine in order to stay as healthy as possible. Our team at Trumansburg Optical can take care of all of your eye health needs on an annual basis, whether you are young or old. We also have emergency appointments if you suffer an eye injury or an eyesight issue arises unexpectedly and needs to be addressed as soon as possible. Not only can we assist you with your eye exam, but we can also make sure that you are fitted with the proper contact lenses and pair of eyeglasses to keep you seeing and looking your best.

Eye Doctor Near Covert Assesses Your Vision and Health

In general, we recommend that you have an eye exam on an annual basis. Our optometrist will begin with an overall analysis of your eyes, both together and separately, to see how they are functioning. Dr. Henninger will also evaluate your vision, both close-up and far away, to determine your best prescription. He will discuss any issues that you may be having and evaluate if there are any signs or symptoms of diabetes, glaucoma, and cataracts. This is all part of a comprehensive eye health exam and keeping an eye on any issues that may affect your vision. If necessary, he will apply dilating eye drops to get a deeper look into your eye. This can cause issues with driving, so we recommend that you have someone to take you home after your appointment.

Our team highly recommends that you visit us annually if you have corrected vision and after 45, no matter what. Adults that do not have any known issues can spread out exams to every other year. For our younger patients, we want to see them before the age of 1, at 3 years old, and before they begin elementary school. We have in-house lens edging to cut back on the time it takes for you to receive your updated eyeglasses. This also allows you to more easily reuse your old frames. If you want an updated look, we have a range of styles and brands for you to choose from.

Eye Doctor Near Covert For Your Emergency Care

Emergencies are scary, no matter what. When it involves your vision, it can create even more stress and anxiety. We provide the compassionate care that you need during an emergency related to your eyes. We can assess what may be going on if you have experienced an injury or a sudden blurriness, vision loss, stabbing eye pain, swelling, or sudden flashes of light.

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