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Eye Doctor Near Mecklenburg

At Trumansburg Optical, you can talk to an eye doctor near Mecklenburg who offers all the eye care services you’re looking for. We offer state-of-the-art eye care right in downtown Trumansburg. In the past three decades, we’ve served many families hoping to keep their vision safe. We hope to have the privilege of serving yours as well. Visit Dr. Henninger the next time you need an eye exam!

Eye Doctor Near Mecklenburg Offers Glasses and More

We offer many varieties of elegant and stylish frames for you to feel confident wearing. We also offer specialized lenses to meet your needs. For instance, we offer prescription sunglasses for individuals who want the convenience of having two in one. The lenses are tinted and can be fitted to any frames that you prefer. We also provide specially coated lenses that have anti-glare purposes. 

What’s more, purchasing a pair of glasses at Trumansburg Optical means you get a free glasses case to keep them safe. Before you leave, be sure to grab some cleaning solution and microfiber cloth to keep your new glasses clear!

Why Visit Trumansburg Optical? 

Trumansburg Optical is a distinguished optometrist because of our dedication to your care and satisfaction. We endeavor to provide you and your family with services that meet your expectations every time. As part of our mission, we have a friendly staff and comprehensive eye care services so you leave feeling confident in your vision’s health. 

When you visit our optometrist, you’ll be reassured that your eye health is in good hands. We know how to identify and treat a number of eye conditions that you might be facing, whether it’s something common like nearsightedness or an eye disease like glaucoma. We will properly diagnose your condition and get you feeling like yourself just as quickly. 

What to Consider When Choosing an Eye Doctor

Selecting an eye doctor isn’t always easy. Your vision is important, and you want to place your eye health in the hands of only the most competent eye doctor. Trumansburg Optical meets many of the expectations you should consider when selecting an eye doctor:

  • Good communication. Dr. Henninger carefully communicates with all of his clients. He takes each of your needs seriously and always listens to your concerns. Part of accurately diagnosing an eye condition is knowing your medical history, so one of the first things Dr. Henninger will do during your eye exam is to learn about health issues you’ve faced in the past and anything you currently have. 
  • Excellent service. Your first red flag for any doctor’s office is if you have an unreasonably long waiting period. Fortunately, the staff at Trumansburg Optical values your time. We work hard to get you into the office as quickly as possible, so your eye exam doesn’t take up too much of your time. 
  • Convenience. Your eye doctor should offer a range of services that meet all of your needs. At Trumansburg Optical, you can get an eye exam and a new pair of glasses all at the same place, making life much easier. 

Contact an Eye Doctor Near Mecklenburg Today

If it’s time for your annual eye exam, or you’d just like a new pair of glasses, contact Trumansburg Optical! We’ll set you up with an appointment with our eye doctor near Mecklenburg as soon as possible. We look forward to becoming your trusted eye care provider. 

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