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Eye Doctor Near Ovid

Trumansburg Optical is an eye doctor near Ovid providing expert eye care to patients in New York. We are family-owned and offer everything from eye exams to contact lenses. Let our eye doctor check your vision and address problems before they become costly or even dangerous. Call our office to schedule an appointment or use the online contact form if you have questions.  

Eye Doctor Near Ovid Offers Eye Exams

Our optometrists are experts in all areas of eye care. Your vision is irreplaceable, so it is worth the time to make sure your eyes are in good shape. A comprehensive eye exam is recommended every one or two years, depending on your age and health. However, if you have noticed anything unusual about your vision, get a check-up right away. Here’s why you should choose Trumansburg Optical for your next eye exam:

  • Experienced. Your vision is important: you need to be selective about who you can trust to spot any potential problems your vision may face. At Trumansburg Optical, you can trust Dr. Henninger to assist you. With over a decade of experience helping countless patients, Dr. Henninger is an expert when it comes to identifying and solving your vision problems. 
  • Friendly. Dr. Henninger and the rest of our staff are incredibly approachable and ready to help you. Whether you are scheduling an appointment, selecting a frame or having your eyes examined, you can rely on the staff at Trumansburg Optical for the best customer service. 
  • Full-service. We offer comprehensive eye exams alongside new frames and contacts so you can take care of everything in one place. We have everything you need.     

At your eye exam, your eyes will be examined for diseases. Many eye problems come on gradually and have no symptoms until the disease has progressed, so it’s important to have an optometrist catch the issue early. Then, we’ll carefully check both eyes to see if you are near- or far-sighted. If so, you’ll likely be recommended for corrective lenses, so you can browse the frames in our office and pick out a pair that suits you. 

Choosing Between Contact lenses and Glasses

Vision changes typically warrant a new prescription. If you’re looking for new glasses, let us assist you. We can help get you fitted for glasses that look and feel perfect. You can get frames of all styles as we offer frames from many popular designers such as Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger and more. If you prefer to keep the glasses you already have, no problem! We can replace only the lenses, so you keep your favorite lenses and save money. 

We can also set you up with contact lenses. They are available in soft and rigid varieties, depending on your preference. Rigid contact lenses are thicker and typically last much longer. Usually, your lenses will last from 2 to 6 years. On the other hand, soft lenses need to be replaced much more frequently, with some only lasting for a few days. 

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Your eye health is important to us. Visit an eye doctor near Ovid at Trumansburg Optical for high-quality eye care. For more information or to schedule an appointment, please call us today.

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