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Eye Exam Ithaca

Regular Eye Exam in Ithaca Important to Your Health

As a family-owned and full-service eye health care provider, our team at Trumansburg Optical is here for you every day! We work with all ages to ensure that our community members can not only see their best, but also have the healthiest eyes. Our comprehensive eye exams are important to staying healthy for years to come. We work with young children to help catch any potential issues early on for a comprehensive treatment plan. Our team can assist you with glasses or contacts, and we strive to keep a variety of frame styles and contact lenses in stock for you to take home today.

Ithaca Eye Exam Includes Thorough Inspection

Our doctor has been in our community for more than a decade and has had the opportunity to examine thousands of pairs of eyes! We bring a sense of compassion to our work, especially with our younger patients who are getting used to having exams of any kind. We do recommend that your child receive his or her first eye exam at about age 1, then 3 years old and then right before beginning school. This schedule is important to catching any vision problems early that may need treatment. For adults, we want to see you annually at any age if you wear contacts or glasses and yearly if you are older than 45.  

Our team will test your vision for both close-up and far away. If you need correction, we can help discuss if contacts, glasses or both are best for your lifestyle. We will work together to determine your best prescription so that you can see your world as clearly as possible. As you get older, a comprehensive health assessment is even more important. Our physician will utilize advanced medical equipment and imaging to keep an eye out for any issues that may impact your eyes or bring about vision loss.

Eye Exam and More in Ithaca

Once we have determined your prescription, we can work with you on obtaining the best way to correct your vision. We offer many different types of contact lenses, including daily disposable, bi-weekly or monthly. We will discuss your lifestyle and pair that with your prescription to determine the best lenses for you. We can go over best practices for wearing lenses, especially if you are new to wearing contacts.

If you are going home with new glasses, we can help with that as well. Since style matters when it comes to glasses, we stock many brand names that offer trendy frames. We work on your lenses in-house to help cut your wait time. If you are reusing old frames and need new lenses, we can take care of that right here as well.

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