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Eye Exam Ovid

Eye Exam Ovid

Eye Exam Ovid Keeps Your Eyes Healthy

As a full-service optometrist, our team offers everything that you need to keep your eyes as healthy as possible right in one spot. Trumansburg Optical has been serving our communities since 2005 with all of the services that you may need including comprehensive eye exams, glasses, contacts and emergency services. Our optometrist offers a tailored experience with the latest in technology and innovations to bring our patients the best in eye care and eye health. We work one-on-one with our patients to ensure that they see their best and are comfortable with their eyeglasses or contacts. As you go through stages and ages, there are different approaches to eye care and we are here for you every step of the way.

Eye Exam Ovid for Your Best Prescription

Consistent and regular eye exams remain the best way to keep your eyes healthy. By having your eye exams on a regular basis, you will not only have the best vision possible, but also our optometrist can track any issues and catch any problems as early as possible. When you visit our offices, we will check the overall health of your eyes and how your eyes work together and separately as well as your near vision and far vision. There may be a need to apply dilating eye drops, which allow our optometrist to get a better view of the inside of your eyes to check for problems. If you have your eyes dilated, it can be challenging to drive and we recommend that you have someone come with you to get behind the wheel.

Our team believes that younger patients should also be on a schedule for their eye exams. This should include before the age of 1, again at 3 years old and again before school to catch any vision issues that may impair your child’s ability to learn at his or her best. If there are ever any concerns between these ages, we highly encourage you to bring in your child for an eye exam. Adults should see us every year if they wear contacts or glasses and every other year if not. After the age of 45, we recommend yearly eye exams no matter what.

Eye Exam and Onsite Services Near Ovid

If you wear glasses, we know that you cannot be without a pair for any amount of time. That is why we can complete lens edging in-house. If you want to reuse your favorite old frames, then we can replace your lenses with your updated prescription. We also carry a range of styles and brands if you are wanting to update your look. We can also go over your options for contacts if you prefer to wear lenses.

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