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Eye Exams Near Burdett

Getting a regular eye exam is essential in keeping your eyes healthy. Even if you haven’t noticed any changes in your vision, it never hurts to get them checked by an eye doctor anyway. An optometrist is able to look deep into your eyes and ensure that your vision is normal. While getting an annual eye exam may sound like a chore, Trumansburg Optical makes this important task easier. Our office is staffed with friendly receptionists and a seasoned optometrist who provides affordable, fast service. Schedule an appointment with us when you need eye exams near Burdett!

The Importance of Visiting an Eye Doctor

If your vision hasn’t changed, you may wonder why you need to see an eye doctor every one to two years. Even if you have not noticed any changes in your vision, your eyes are a complex part of your body. Many of the most common— and severe— eye diseases have no symptoms until later stages when treatment can no longer cure the problem. Neglecting regular eye is dangerous since lost vision can never be fully restored. By getting a regular eye exam, you are reaping plenty of benefits:

  • Early detection of vision problems
  • Treat myopia, or nearsightedness, immediately
  • Potentially find other health problems that may affect your eyes, such as diabetes
  • Ensure healthy eye development in children

Considering the asymptomatic nature of most eye conditions, visiting an eye doctor is an absolute must. At Trumansburg Optical, we use only the most powerful technology to take a careful look at what’s going on in your eyes. Dr. Henninger, our lead optometrist, is an expert at what he does and will be able to take care of any vision problems you are experiencing, protecting your vision in the long run. 

Common Eye Problems and How We Can Help

In the instance that you are experiencing vision problems, don’t panic. Most eye problems that patients come to us for are not serious. Blurred vision, redness, and dry eyes are typically associated with eye strain or poor sleep, which is especially true in the digital age. Other patients come to us for help with pink eye or floaters. None of these symptoms necessarily mean something serious is going on with your vision, but it’s good to get it checked out by Dr. Henninger anyway. 

For instance, blurry vision may simply mean you need some form of vision correction. Dr. Henninger will use a series of tests to determine what prescription you need, including an eye chart, a reading test, and more. If you discover that you need glasses or contacts, we can order them for you right at our office. You can browse our designer frames and pick out a pair that looks great on you. 

Visit Trumansburg Optical for Comprehensive Eye Exams Near Burdett

Trumansburg Optical is your one-stop-shop for everything related to eye care. Our optometrist provides quality eye exams near Burdett to keep your vision healthy. For more information on our services or insurance options, or to schedule an appointment, please call us today. 

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