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Eye Exams Near Me

Eye Exams Near Me

It’s common to wonder, “Where can I get the best eye exams near me?” After all, you deserve the best care possible. At Trumansburg Optical, we deliver quality eye care for you and your entire family. Our doctors listen carefully to your concerns and carry out effective solutions. We deliver quality eye exams and eyewear. Keep your vision healthy at our office. 

Comprehensive Eye Exams Near Me

Trumansburg Optical offers comprehensive eye exams. We take great care to assess our clients’ most pressing needs. Eye exams are important for keeping your eyes healthy. Whether you have symptoms or not, visiting an eye doctor can help contribute to your overall health. For instance, some diseases, such as diabetes, actually have visual symptoms that an eye doctor can diagnose. By protecting your vision, you are protecting your entire wellbeing. 

Vision is an investment. We use our eyes for everything, and you may not realize how much until your vision is compromised from an injury or other problem. Some of the most common eye issues include pinkeye, which is a bacterial infection causing swelling, redness and drainage, scratches or foreign objects in the eye, retinal detachment, glaucoma and others. The only way you can know for sure is to get examined by our trusted optometrist. 

Eye Exams Near Me For Prescription Eyewear

Trumansburg Optical covers your eyecare needs. We provide prescription eyewear, including glasses, frames and contacts. Before you can get prescription eyewear, speak to Dr. Henninger. He will do a full eye exam that checks all aspects of your visual health:

  • Visual acuity test for reading
  • Physical exam involving eye dilation drops
  • Consultation where you can discuss your symptoms

Getting your eyes checked is easy at our office. Our attentive office staff makes scheduling an appointment at a convenient time possible. We understand that between your busy schedule, it can be a challenge to schedule appointments. We work hard to work around your schedule so you get the care you need when you need it. 

We also provide emergency eye services. We understand that some situations cannot wait. Damage to your eyes puts your vision at risk. Never hesitate to come to our office if you notice unusual changes in your vision, including an abnormal mount of floaters that suddenly appear, flashing in your vision, a black curtain that appears to fall across your field of vision, and any other symptoms that are physical, such as swelling. We can quickly treat the issue and deliver the care you need right away. 

Trumansburg Optical is dedicated to our clients. We keep our office clean and tidy, making it a comfortable space. We have frames in our office that you can browse. If you would like a new pair, discuss your needs with us. We offer a variety of beautiful frames for you to choose from. 

Visit Trumansburg Optical

Take charge of your eye care by visiting Trumansburg Optical. You will no longer need to ask, “where can I get eye exams near me?” when you choose us. We are here for you whenever you need a routine eye exam or emergency eye care. We’re dedicated to delivering outstanding service at all times. If you are ready to visit Dr. Henninger, call us today.  

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