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Eyeglass Frames Lodi, NY

Eyeglass Frames Lodi, NY

If you wear eyeglasses, you know that choosing frames is important for getting the right look. But eyeglass frames aren’t only about appearance. The shape and material are both important factors in making sure that your glasses are comfortable and durable enough for your lifestyle. 

When it comes to picking the right glasses for you, Trumansburg Optical in Lodi, New York has you covered. Our wide selection of frames from popular designers will make sure that you walk away with a new view on eyewear. 

Choosing the Right Material

The first step to choosing a frame is considering the material that you’d like it to be made out of.

Plastic: Plastic frames tend to be the least expensive and most popular option for eyeglasses. Plastic is lightweight and softer than metal, making it the best choice for children, who might fall or hurt their glasses. However, there are plenty of reasons that adults choose plastic frames, including but not limited to the wide array of colors that they can come in. 

Metal: Metal frames are among the most durable, and there are many options: titanium, monel, beryllium, stainless steel, aluminum, and flexon. Among these, some are lighter or more corrosion-resistant than others, but all stand up well to regular use. If you want metal frames but are allergic to nickel or other metals, titanium frames are considered hypoallergenic. 

When in doubt, you can always reach out to our experts at Trumansburg Optical in Lodi, New York for help making the right choice for you. 

Matching Your Face Shape

The next step to determining which frames are right for you is choosing a shape and size.

When fitting glasses, they should be at least as wide as your face and still show your eyebrows. They should also look balanced against your face as a whole, not be too big or too small. 

Glasses should fit comfortably around your temples without being too snug, and should sit on your nose without sliding down. It’s important to note that frames can be adjusted in a few ways, such as at the temples and nose pads. If the fit isn’t perfect immediately, it can likely be changed. 

As you choose a frame shape for your glasses, you might also consider how the glasses complement your face shape and jawline. For instance, if you have a narrow face, you may need a more tall and narrow set of glasses to make sure that they look proportional. 

At the end of the day, however, there is no one option for a given face type. So long as your glasses fit comfortably, the best choice is the glasses that you feel your best in. Trumansburg Optical offers a range of attractive and sturdy frames that will give you plenty of options. 

Glasses at Trumansburg Optical

From material to getting the perfect fit, there are certain key factors to consider when choosing the eyeglass frames that are right for you. At Trumansburg Optical, we understand that glasses may be a big part of your everyday life, and taking the time to get the perfect pair of prescription glasses is important. To start exploring your options, reach out to Trumansburg Optical in Lodi, New York today. 

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