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Doctors appointments; dentist visits; even sessions with chiropractors and physical therapists. These are all the appointments we feel obligated to make, for the benefit of our health. Despite making these other appointments, many people do not understand the importance of regular eye exams and assessment. After all, your eyes are more than the window to your soul — they’re also your primary sense when it comes to perceiving and interacting with the environment around you. Without a working set of eyes, many of your regular tasks — from driving to checking your social media — are out the window. Having your local Interlaken Eye Doctor take a look at your eyes — testing your vision and checking for early symptoms of potentially serious illnesses — can help you rest easy knowing your vision is clear. Further, catching signs of certain diseases and conditions, and assessing their impact and your medical options to combat them, will leave you with a better view of your overall health, and help you make the best-informed decisions for your body. Contact Dr. Henninger today to schedule your first eye appointment with a top Interlaken eye doctor!

Benefits of an Eye Exam

When Dr. Henninger — your go-to Interlaken eye doctor — performs your eye exam, feel confident in the fact that he has performed thousands of these routine procedures for his patients all around the Finger Lakes region. These exams — which include vision testing and a comprehensive health assessment — offer two significant benefits for his patients:

  1. Check your vision — loss of vision can be indicative of several different conditions, as well as the natural deterioration of the optic nerve. Beyond that, though, regular vision testing is important for assessing whether your current prescription is correcting your vision enough and if you need an adjustment.
  2. Prevent disease/monitor conditions — eye conditions are deceptively common. Whether you have cataracts or glaucoma, having a regular health exam will help you keep an eye on the progression of your disease or condition while offering better data for determining your next course of action.

While vision may seem like a constant, this often is the furthest thing from the truth. From the gradual degradation of your optic nerve — which results in poor vision for older individuals — to side-effects of disease, changes in vision throughout your lifetime are common. It is not unheard of that a patient discovers their vision has improved since their last appointment, also necessitating a change in their prescription.

How Eye Exams Work

In a standard eye exam, there are a few common steps to look out for. First, an optometrist will check your vision. This test is the standard “can you read this line of letters,” which we are all familiar with. However, an Interlaken eye doctor may ask you to cover one eye before reading, read with or without your contacts or glasses and check your vision through a dilated opening. All of these tests will help determine the prescription (if any) needed to correct your vision.

After your vision test, Dr. Henninger will perform a comprehensive health exam, looking at your eyes using state-of-the-art medical imaging and technology. In some cases, the best course of action involves dilating drops to enlarge your pupils, allowing for more complete testing.

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If you would like to enjoy the many health benefits of a comprehensive eye exam, call our Interlaken eye doctor today! From there, you can schedule your first appointment — complete with a full vision test and health assessment.

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