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Ithaca Eye Doctor

Ithaca Eye Doctor

Ithaca Eye Doctor Helps Keep You Healthy

Regular eye exams at certain ages is the vital way to watch your eye health. At Trumansburg Optical, our team will work with you at all ages and stages throughout your life as well as your family members. We offer not only comprehensive eye exams, but also emergency services if something occurs that is sudden and worrisome. If you have an eye injury or begin seeing strange shapes, lose your vision or see many spots, it is best to reach out to us to come in to review your vision and see what needs to be done. Our team can assist you with either glasses or contacts as prescribed, so that you are able to see the world at its clearest and best.

Ithaca Eye Doctor Provides Extensive Exam

If you have children and are not sure when they should have an eye exam, reach out to our team to discuss. We typically recommend that children not yet in school have an eye checkup before they are 1 year old. This will allow us to try to catch any issues early and work on correcting them before your child gets older. Another exam at 3 years old is best and then again around 5 or when they are about to enter school in kindergarten. With your children’s health, growth and development always evolving, it is recommended that children have a yearly eye exam even if they do not currently wear glasses or contacts. They need to be able to see at their best when they are in school to stay on top of their academics.

As you age, you should have your eyes examined based on your corrected vision. If you do not wear glasses or contacts, you should have an exam every other year. If you do wear glasses or contacts, you should always have yearly checkups and then after 45 years old as well. When you see us for your appointment, you can expect a thorough exam of not only your eyesight, but all of the components of your eye. We will check for glaucoma, cataracts and diabetes and may employ dilating eye drops if needed. These allow us to better see into your eyes for any issues.

Ithaca Eye Doctor Assists with Glasses, Contacts

Our optometry office offers many styles and brand names of glasses for you to choose from to look your best. We have the tools and resources to complete your lens edging right in our offices, so you will not have to wait as long to receive your glasses. You can also recycle your old frames with new lenses even easier. We will review the types of lens coating that will be the best for your particular prescription and we can help with sunglasses as well.

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