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Ithaca Eyeglass Frames

Ithaca Eyeglass Frames

Ithaca Eyeglass Frames Improve Your View of the World

Your eyesight is vital to your quality of life. Whether you are in need of an annual eye exam or have an emergency related to new symptoms, our team at Trumansburg Optical can help you today. Our optometric practice provides the comprehensive eye care that you need to live your best life. Dr. Henninger has the expertise and personality to ensure that you will see your best. Our services include thorough eye exams, fitting contacts that work best for your lifestyle, frames and glasses and emergency care when you need it most. An eye injury or sudden loss of vision in one or both eyes can cause lots of stress and fear. We will see you quickly and determine the issue as soon as possible.

Ithaca Eyeglass Frames Fitted for You

If you are in need of new eyeglasses for style or prescription, our team can take care of that today. We will begin with a comprehensive eye exam to determine your prescription for seeing both near and far. We will also look at the overall health of your eyes as they can sometimes be an indicator into other health issues throughout your body. We may need to dilate your eyes to get a more close-up look into the inside of your eye. Our doctor will determine if this is necessary or not and recommend that you have a driver to help you get home safely. Dilated eyes can cause blurriness and can be very sensitive to light as your pupils will be open larger than normal and will not react to light as they typically do.

Once we have pinpointed your prescription, you can browse our selection of frames or you can use an older pair of frames. If you do choose to recycle your old frames, we will perform your lens edging in-house so that you will be able to have your new prescription lenses in your old frames. We also have prescription sunglass services, so that you can better see behind the wheel. Polarized lenses can help eliminate the glare and reflection of shiny surfaces while you are outdoors.

Ithaca Eyeglass Frames and More

An emergency situation with your eyes is very scary. If you are not sure if you should see us immediately, give us a call to discuss. You can expect for us to thoroughly listen to your issue and give you a full and comprehensive eye exam with a calm demeanor. We will advise the best next steps to get you back to yourself. Issues that constitute an emergency are: seeing sudden and unusual spots of light, loss of vision, swelling or redness, an injury to the eye area or stabbing eye pain.

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