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Look around you: what do you see? Maybe you’re sitting at a desk, reading something on your phone while you sit on your bed, lounging on your couch or walking around your patio. Whether the surroundings are new or familiar, you know you’ll be able to walk from one room to the next, seeing and processing all the information around you. Naturally, having functional vision is an important factor when it comes to this process. And just as you have a doctor for other aspects of your health — both for prevention and cure — a Jacksonville optometrist can ensure that your vision is top-notch at all times. Trumansburg Optical has provided straightforward, effective eye exams throughout the region for over a decade. And while “exam” implies diagnostic vision testing, that is only one of the benefits of having an eye exam. Get in touch with Trumansburg Optical today to learn more about our exams, and to schedule yours!

What to Expect From Our Exams!

When you come into our Finger Lakes office for your first exam, there are a few things that you can expect! The eye exam process has been streamlined to a system that works for everyone — whether you’re sixty years old, or you want your ten-year-old’s vision tested. Here’s how the process works:

  1. Come into our office. If you have already made an appointment, the experienced Jacksonville Optometrist Dr. Henninger will be with you shortly. Otherwise, speak to the receptionist to set up your appointment.
  2. Once the exam begins, Dr. Henninger will test your vision through a variety of different methods. Some of these tests will involve one eye or the other, while others will utilize both eyes. Many of these tests consist of the standard line-reading we’ve all become accustomed to, but the tests can be customized depending on the needs of the patient.
  3. Following the vision test, Dr. Henninger will complete a comprehensive health assessment for your eyes. For this, he will use modern optometric technology to view all aspects of your eyes, helping spot and monitor any emerging problems or illnesses.
  4. For patients with unique health concerns — such as diabetes — or who are having their first eye exam, Dr. Henninger will use dilating drops. These drops enlarge the patient’s pupils, allowing the experienced Jacksonville optometrist to view your optic nerve more clearly.
  5. Finally, if you need a prescription for vision correction — or if your current prescription needs to be adjusted — Dr. Henninger will write you out a new prescription, and can order your lenses for pickup at a later date if you are interested. From there, you can browse our wall of glasses frames, or discuss contact lenses.

As you can see, the entire process is quick, effective, and painless. To note – it is crucial that you have someone to drive you home if you are going to have your pupils dilated. The drops can last up to six hours, and result in blurred vision and light sensitivity.

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To get in touch with Dr. Henninger, call our office today, or leave us a message on our website! By calling, you can learn more details about your exam, and about the experienced Jacksonville Optometrist — and owner of Trumansburg Optical — Dr. Henninger. You can also schedule your first eye exam!

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