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The majority of people say that sight is the last sense they’d be willing to lose. Vision is important for your overall well being: your eyes are the windows to the world. When you’ve been experiencing vision problems, it makes sense that you’d be concerned. Your best bet is to schedule an eye exam at Trumansburg Optical. We have a capable staff that’s been in the optometry industry for about twenty years. Dr. Henninger is a Lodi eye doctor who provides expert eye care to patients throughout Trumansburg, New York. We encourage you to come to Trumansburg Optical for your next eye exam!

Why Get A Regular Eye Exam?

Eye exams are important for maintaining good eye health. Sometimes, eye diseases do not show any obvious symptoms until the disease has progressed into later stages. However, an optometrist’s equipment can let a doctor look very closely at your eyes and check for signs that you would not have otherwise noticed. 

It’s recommended that adults get an annual eye exam. If it’s been a while since you’ve last had your eyes checked, call Trumansburg Optical! Our lead optometrist, Dr. Henninger, is an expert at eye care and has decades of experience. You’ll be in good hands when you get your next routine eye exam. 

Lodi Eye Doctor Offers Eye Exams and More

After your eye exam, check out our selection of designer frames. We have all kinds available for men, women and children. Our helpful staff will give you pricing information and more as you browse and try on frames that interest you. 

If during your appointment with Dr. Henninger you discover that you will need some kind of vision correction, know that you have options. Not everyone wants to wear glasses: contacts are a great alternative. Our optometrist prescribes contacts to our patients, making us your comprehensive source for eye care. Here’s what Trumansburg Optical has to offer:

  • Expert eye care. Dr. Henninger is an experienced practitioner who can help you with all kinds of vision problems. He utilizes his decades of work to identify what is giving you trouble. We understand that you want to trust your optometrist to carefully handle your vision. You can rely on Dr. Henninger for compassionate care.  
  • Quality service. Whenever you’re interacting with our staff, you’ll be pleased by the quality of care and attention you receive. Our staff is friendly and ready to help you with any problems. We’re here for you when you have questions or concerns about our practice. We’re available when you need to reach out. 
  • Range of products. We might be a small optometry business, but we have a lot in store! From racks of designer frames to prescription contacts, you will find what you’re looking for at our clinic.  

Visit a Lodi Eye Doctor Now

Now’s the time to get your routine eye exam with a Lodi eye doctor you can trust. Trumansburg Optical has assisted many patients with vision problems and has promoted good eye health for over twenty years. Call our office to schedule an appointment with Dr. Henninger. We look forward to meeting you!

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