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Lodi Eyeglass Frames

Lodi Eyeglass Frames

Finding the right pair of glasses can make all the difference. After all, when you wear glasses or contacts for that matter, you most likely wear them for a good portion of your day. Whether you need glasses for reading or wear glasses at all times, finding what fits you can make your life much easier. At Trumansburg Optical, our staff helps every patient find glasses that look and feel great. Visit our office to view our Lodi eyeglass frames. 

Benefits of a New Pair of Lodi Eyeglass Frames

Sometimes you need to change your style up. Wearing the same pair of glasses every day can get tiring. Of course, even if you don’t care much about style, it’s good to get a new pair when your frames break or become damaged. Having a spare is good, too. Get your vision checked to ensure your prescription hasn’t changed. It’s important to have a prescription that matches so you can see clearly and avoid headaches.

New glasses are also great when you want to try something different. If you’re tired of round frames, try rectangular ones. Go for a different color. Changing your style is an easy way to avoid getting bored. Finding the right pair of eyeglass frames is easy when you visit our office. We have a large stock of all sorts of elegant and trendy eyewear. Take a look at our frames designed by some of the biggest names in fashion: Fossil, Kate Spade and much more. 

While you’re at our office, be sure to schedule a routine eye exam! Eye exams protect your vision and may even reveal other issues with your health. Dr. Henninger has decades of optometry experience. He can help you and your family deal with any eye issues you may be experiencing. 

Who Needs Glasses?

Choosing between glasses and contacts is easier with the help of an optometrist. Usually, most people wear some combination of the two. For example, some people like to wear contacts for sports, while others do so for special occasions. Other people prefer glasses since they are regarded as being more convenient. Both options have plenty of pros and cons.

If you aren’t sure what you want, talk to our optometrist. He can outline all of the most important information you should consider when you are choosing a pair of glasses or contacts. For example, children tend to do better with glasses since they are easier to remove and put on, while contacts may work better for active people. Likewise, be sure to bring up any special needs, like bifocals. Bifocals are lenses that have a set of differing focuses for people who are both nearsighted and farsighted. No matter what you need, we’re confident that you’ll find a pair that suits you. 

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