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Optometrist Near Hector

At Trumansburg Optical, we put your needs first. Whether you need a new pair of glasses or just want an annual eye exam, our leading optometrist can help. Dr. Henninger is a trusted eye doctor who has helped countless patients in his nearly three decades of experience. He offers empathetic and comprehensive care when you need it most. At our office, you can get an eye exam and prescription vision correction for an affordable price. Call us today to visit our optometrist near Hector! 

Annual Eye Exam With Our Optometrist Near Hector

Trumansburg Optical offers affordable eye care for those looking to get their vision screened. Protecting your vision is easy when you visit our eye doctor. Dr. Henninger is an optometrist with extensive experience in the field, having helped patients since 1992. Scheduling an eye exam with Dr. Henninger is an excellent decision for anyone. Whether you’re an older adult concerned about developing glaucoma, or the parent of a young child who is having trouble seeing at school, our optometrist will help discern the problem and deliver the care you need.

If it’s been a while since your last eye exam, or if you’ve never visited our office, you may wonder what you should expect. We aim to make getting an eye exam easy and fast. Dr. Henninger will take a close look at your eyes using precise technology. Usually, Dr. Henninger uses dilation drops to make the inside of your eyes easier to examine. Using his special tools, he’ll check for any diseases or other potential problems. This is important because many eye diseases show no symptoms until they’ve progressed to later stages. Looking directly at the source itself gives us the opportunity to fight these diseases before it’s too late. 

Our Optometrist Near Hector Prescribes Glasses and Contacts

During your appointment, you may discover that you need vision correction. Have no worries—we offer contacts and glasses right in our office, making us your one-stop-shop! You can choose from a variety of trendy and stylish frames. We carry many popular designer brands so you can wear a pair that makes you feel confident. If you’d prefer contacts, we can order a prescription for you. 

Choosing between glasses and contacts is a personal choice. Neither option is better or worse than the other: it’s all about your personal preferences and style. If you’re active in sports, you might choose to wear contacts since they do not pose a problem when you’re on the field. Contacts are also useful for individuals who don’t like how glasses block their peripheral vision. On the other hand, some people find glasses easier to manage since they are a bit simpler to remove and put on. Again, it all depends on what you would prefer. 

Keep Your Eyes Healthy With Trumansburg Optical 

Trumansburg Optical offers quality eye care to help you maintain good eye health. Schedule an appointment with our optometrist near Hector to discuss any questions or concerns you have about your vision. Call our office now to schedule an appointment!

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