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Optometrist Jacksonville

Optometrist Jacksonville

Keep Your Eyes Healthy with an Optometrist Visit Near Jacksonville

Trumansburg Optical brings together the personal touch of comprehensive eye care with the latest in innovative techniques and technology. Our team of professionals offers all of the vital eye care services to ensure that you can not only see your best, but also have the healthiest eyes possible. As an optometrist since 1992, Dr. Henninger continues to bring the best care to all of his patients in the Jacksonville area. Our team is available for emergency services, eye exams, contacts and glasses. Consistent eye exams at various stages in life are vital to maintaining your eye health and vision. 

Visit Optometrist Near Jacksonville for Your Eye Exam

By seeing our optometrist regularly, we can address your vision changes quickly as well as spot any potential issues that are happening or signs or problems down the road. For your appointment, you can expect a typical eye exam that includes a check for both near- and far-sightedness on your eyes separately and together to see how they function. We may need to use dilating eye drops to get a deeper look into your eyes. These drops can make it difficult to drive as it affects the up-close functionality of how your eyes work. Our office staff recommends having a second driver available to get you home. If you have certain conditions, there can be issues with your eyesight, such as diabetes and cataracts.

Typically, most people should see an eye doctor annually, but there are exceptions. Young children should start visiting our place before 1 years old, again at 3 years old and before they enter school to make sure they can see far away and closely in order to learn properly. Kids in school should have an eye exam once a year. Adults ages 18-45 can go every two years, unless they wear glasses or contacts. As you age, you should again see us on an annual basis. These are our recommendations to keep your eyes at their best.

Optometrist Near Jacksonville for Your Glasses, Contacts

 Whether you wear just glasses or contacts and glasses, we can take you through your choices and options to help you decide. Contacts are available in daily or monthly options depending on your prescription and preferences. We have many fashion frames to choose from and our lens edging is completed in-house to help you reuse your favorite frames. We can add to your lenses to make them more durable with an anti-reflective coating. This helps prevent glare, smudges or scratches. If your vision requires bifocals, trifocals or progressive lenses, we can take care of that as well. Transition lenses allow for sun protection when you are outdoors.

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