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Optometrist Lodi

Optometrist Lodi

No matter your age, it’s never too late to start regularly visiting an optometrist. Lodi residents looking for outstanding eye care can turn to the team at Trumansburg Optical. For over 15 years, we’ve been a leading provider of optometry services, glasses and so much more. Schedule an appointment to begin working towards better eye health. 

A Leading Optometrist Lodi Residents Can Count On

At Trumansburg Optical, we deliver outstanding services that promote better health in all of our patients. We know how uncertain life can feel when you’re experiencing vision-related problems, whether from an injury or a health issue. Our team handles a variety of eye care needs, from standard eye exams to emergency situations. You can count on Dr. Henninger for the urgent eye care your family needs. 

Why Visit an Optometrist?

Taking care of your eyes begins at home. There are many things you can do to keep your vision healthy, including wearing sunglasses, eating healthy and maintaining normal blood pressure levels. Wearing the right glasses or contacts also helps to improve your vision and make your day-to-day life a lot easier. However, you should also incorporate regular eye exams into the mix. Only an optometrist can tell whether you are at risk for certain diseases that can compromise your vision. 

At our office, we get you situated quickly. Our office is comfortable and clean, with waiting times short and appointments easy to book. We welcome patients of all ages and help kids, too. We know that eye exams can be frightening for young children, so we handle their needs with patience and understanding. 

Here’s why you should visit our optometrist, Dr. Henninger, for your next eye exam:

  • Peace of Mind. At our office, we use the latest optometry technology to diagnose and treat eye problems. We’ll get to the bottom of what’s causing your symptoms and explain it in full detail, so you understand your situation. 
  • Compassionate Team. We care greatly for our patients. Your health is our priority, so we provide individualized solutions. We’re compassionate and truly love helping each patient who needs our help. 
  • Convenience. At our office, you can get a comprehensive eye exam and get a new pair of glasses or contacts in one location. No need to make multiple appointments or travel far. When you choose our team, you can easily take care of your vision. 
  • Affordable. We accept several major insurance plans so you can get eyewear and regular checkups without a hassle. 

Our team is here for you when you need us. We believe healthy eyes are key to a happy life, and so when you need vision correction and more, don’t hesitate to give us a call. 

Schedule an Appointment With an Optometrist Lodi Residents Can Trust

If you’d like to schedule an eye exam for yourself or a loved one, call Trumansburg Optical! With the help of our optometrist, Lodi residents can easily get the dedicated care they need. Call now to plan your visit. 

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