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Optometrist Near Ithaca

Optometrist Near Ithaca

Eye exams are about more than just getting new prescription glasses. Regularly visiting an optometrist is the most effective way to keep your eyes healthy. At Trumansburg Optical, our optometrist near Ithaca considers all parts of your eye health to ensure your vision is the best it can be. We prescribe glasses and contacts and offer solutions to your most pressing vision-related concerns.  

Why Visit an Optometrist Near Ithaca?

Maintaining good vision is a matter of making healthy choices. Eating a well-balanced diet, managing your blood pressure and reducing eye strain are all helpful in keeping your eyes healthy. However, professional guidance is essential. There are many reasons why an individual should visit an eye doctor, including:

  • New vision disturbances. If you ever notice something different about your vision, report any changes to a health care professional. Vision problems need to be treated like an emergency since vision loss might occur. In these cases, you should visit our emergency eye doctor for a quick assessment. 
  • Regular checkups. Everyone should visit the eye doctor regularly. Usually, people should come to our office every two years, sometimes more if you are older or if you have a diagnosed health issue that affects your eyes. We have the tools needed to diagnose and treat any vision concerns, so it’s important to get your eyes checked regularly. Many vision diseases do not have symptoms, meaning only a doctor can tell if you are developing something serious such as glaucoma. 
  • Injury to the eye. If your eyes were injured for any reason, you should follow up with an optometrist. Blows to the head can increase your risk of retinal detachment, a treatable but serious condition that can cause permanent vision loss. Likewise, anytime you get foreign objects in your eyes, such as dirt or dust, plan on seeing an optometrist. We’ll make sure your eyes are healing properly. 
  • New prescription. Our vision is constantly changing. Your old glasses may no longer work, or perhaps you are hoping to switch to contacts. No matter what your needs are, you can get a new prescription at our office. We’ll help you find a new pair of glasses or help you decide whether contacts are right for you. 

Dr. Henninger at Trumansburg Optical treats a range of vision complications. Whenever you develop a problem with your eyes, call our office. He’ll provide the guidance that you need. 

How Our Optometrist Near Ithaca Helps Keep Your Eyes Healthy

Every aspect of your health can affect your vision. Our optometrist considers your past and current health when assessing your risk for vision-related illnesses. We provide the highest level of care, so you leave our office feeling confident in your choices to protect you and your vision. One of the techniques we use is to measure the pressure inside your eyes. We also check for astigmatism and your eyes’ coordination. All of these variables are factored into your visual acuity and are the key to delivering the care you need. 

Visit Our Optometrist Near Ithaca 

Get your eyes examined now! The optometrist near Ithaca at Trumansburg Optical will assist you with your most pressing concerns. Call our office today to schedule your eye exam. 

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