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Doctor’s appointment? Check. Dentist? Check. Chiropractor? Check. It looks like I’ve got all my health concerns checked off my list, but I always have the same feeling that I’m missing something. Isn’t there another important aspect of my health I’m neglecting? My insurance covers medical, dental and… vision? Well, I guess it’s time to track down an optometrist near me! I, like so many other Americans, have been neglecting a significant part of my health. After all, there’s nothing you’ll notice faster than an issue with your eyes — from blurred vision to total blindness! My eyes determine how I see the world — how I write notes, greet my friends, and drive to work in the morning. As a result, I know that it’s of the utmost importance to me that I have my vision checked annually, making sure that no conditions are developing behind the scenes. And if I ever notice something — blurry vision or otherwise — I know to immediately contact the experienced Finger Lakes optometrist at Trumansburg Optical.

The Importance of Regular Eye Exams

Lots of people think that eye exams are something that can get pushed back indefinitely — a concern of some importance, but nothing pressing. In many cases this is true, but that does not mean you should push it off! After all, conditions with your eyes can quickly become debilitating, especially if they go unnoticed and undiagnosed. Just as a regular doctor’s checkup will help diagnose major issues hiding behind minor symptoms, Dr. Henninger can quickly spot any developing signs of serious conditions.

Which is not to say that these exams are only helpful for spotting debilitating and dangerous conditions. On the contrary, many people develop vision loss over the years — and others even experience a return to better sight. These changes are natural, and having your eyes examined, especially if you already have a prescription, can help the Trumansburg Optical optometrist near me keep your prescriptions up-to-date.

Between both of these benefits, a regular eye exam should now fall at the top of your list. And the excellent staff at Trumansburg Optical will keep you coming back each year.

Get to Know Trumansburg Optical

One of the reasons I like Trumansburg Optical is the fact that they have been family-owned-and-operated for over a decade. Dr. Henninger — who is both the optometrist and owner of the company — personally administers the exams, and can help me understand the implications of any optical conditions I may be facing. His office is equipped with a large variety of glasses frames for me to choose from — assuming I need corrections — and he edges his lenses in-house so I can keep using my favorite frame when I find it. The best optometrist near me is Trumansburg Optical, without a doubt in my mind!

Reach out to Trumansburg Optical

When I’m looking for an experienced optometrist near me, I know who to call. To get in touch with the excellent vision staff at Trumansburg Optical, I give them a call at their Trumansburg office, or by leaving a message (complete with my contact info) on their website. From there, someone gives me a call back, and we can set up a future appointment. Reach out today to schedule your first appointment!

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