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Ovid, NY Contact Lenses

Ovid, NY Contact Lenses

Comprehensive Exam Vital for Ovid, NY Contact Lenses

Our full-service optometrist team will take care of your eye health at all ages and stages. Trumansburg Optical can help you see clearly through our comprehensive eye exam. Our team works with patients who are anywhere from toddlers to seniors on their eye health. Beyond helping our patients see better, we will also review your eye health and keep an eye out for any signs of health issues. During our exams, we will check for any conditions, such as diabetes, glaucoma and cataracts. These can affect your long-term health if they are not caught and treated early. Our focus is on your eyesight as well as your eye health. 

Ovid, NY Contact Lenses Help You See Your World

As part of your thorough eye exam, our optometrist will check for near-sightedness and far-sightedness as well as review your choices for contact lenses and/or glasses. There may be a need to dilate your eyes, which will allow us to better inspect for any concerns or abnormalities. These drops will cause your eyes to open more fully and stay that way and it can prompt light sensitivity and blurriness. We do recommend another driver be on-hand to take you home if you do need to have your eyes dilated. Typically, we recommend yearly eye exams for anyone who wears contacts or glasses as well as for school-age children. We want to catch any vision changes in children, so it does not affect their ability to learn at school.

If you do not wear contacts or glasses and do not have any concerns, then you can see our team every other year. If you are older than 45, it is best to continue with yearly exams even if you do not have corrected vision. We will discuss what types and brands of contact lenses may be best for your particular prescription and lifestyle. There are daily lenses, bi-weekly and monthly options. If you are new to wearing contacts, we are happy to go over cleaning and disinfecting and any questions that you may have.

Ovid, NY Contact Lenses and Glasses for Our Patients

Many patients prefer to also have a pair of glasses in addition to contact lenses. Our office has numerous brands of frames that are available in all types of styles. Our process is quicker as we take care of your lens edging right in our offices. This allows you to reuse your old frames if they are your favorites and will save you money. 

Connect With Our Team for Your Contact Lenses Near Ovid, NY

If you are ready to see better and check on your eye health, reach out to our team through our online contact form today with any questions. We also provide emergency services if you are concerned about your vision or have an eye injury. 

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