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Valois Eye Doctor

Valois Eye Doctor

If you’re wondering what’s the best way to maintain good vision, there’s a lot you can do. Making healthy dietary choices, for instance, and wearing protective eye gear when necessary, all contribute to better eye health. Yet aside from preventing injuries and making sure you’re keeping your blood pressure in check, visiting an optometrist is an important step. Protect your eye health with the Valois eye doctor at Trumansburg Optical

Benefits of Visiting a Valois Eye Doctor

Regular eye exams should be a part of your schedule. Plan on visiting an optometrist every two years, or sooner if you have been diagnosed with a vision complication or are an older adult. Optometrists use special tools that can detect issues with your eyes that you wouldn’t otherwise notice. 

Visiting an eye doctor is important, and not just for people who wear glasses. Even if you have 20/20 vision, there may be other problems going on. For instance, people with high blood pressure or other health conditions like diabetes are at higher risk for certain vision complications like glaucoma. Only an optometrist can tell if your vision is healthy. 

What to Expect During Your Eye Exam

The first step is to call or send us a message through our online contact form. If you are a new patient, we will need you to fill out updated information on your medical history, as well as some other paperwork for insurance. When you arrive for your appointment, you will talk to our lead optometrist, Dr. Henninger, after a short wait in our waiting room. Dr. Henninger will perform some of the most commonly done eye tests including a vision test, a pressure test, and any other tests he believes are relevant to you. 

In most cases, we will use dilating drops so we can look closely at the inside of your eyes. Dilation is the technical word for when your pupils expand to let in more light. In a sense, your pupils are like windows: by making them wider, Dr. Henninger will have an easier time looking at the inside of your eyes to check for any signs of damage or disease. 

What If I Need Glasses?

Many of our patients wear glasses, and medical professionals say that nearly every adult needs glasses by a certain age. Our office is stocked with all kinds of beautiful eyewear for your entire family. We have a variety of designer frames and prescription contacts that you can request. We provide everything you need at our office. We’ll help you explore all sorts of glasses so you can choose a style that suits you. 

Our accessibility is among the many reasons you should choose Trumansburg Optical for your eye care needs:

  • Plenty of eyeglasses in-store
  • A friendly, experienced optometrist
  • Responsive receptionists
  • Comfortable office
  • Conveniently located downtown Trumansburg

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Taking care of your eyes is easy when you visit Trumansburg Optical. Whether you need a general visit or have a problem you’d like to discuss, our Valois eye doctor can help. Call us now!

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