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Vision Exam Covert

Vision Exam Covert

Regular eye exams contribute to a healthier, happier life. Blurry vision and other problems can be easily corrected with the help of an optometrist. If you’re ready to schedule a vision exam, Covert patients should contact Trumansburg Optical. We’re here to support you and your family on your journey to better eye health. 

Why Are Vision Exams Important?

Eye exams provide a clear view of the internal structure, including blood vessels and tissues. We can check for deformities and unusual changes. We can identify signs of diseases including high blood pressure, lupus, glaucoma, macular degeneration and more. Considering this, eye exams aren’t just good for your vision: they’re important to your overall physical health. 

Otherwise, it’s unlikely you’ll realize you have eye complications until it’s too late. Most diseases of the eye are subtle and don’t have noticeable symptoms until the disease has progressed considerably. That’s what makes visiting a professional so important. We can identify these issues before they cause permanent vision changes or blindness, so never hesitate if you think you need a check-up. 

What Happens During a Vision Exam

It’s normal to be nervous about your vision exam, especially for children, since the process involves sitting in a dark room and having a bright light shined in your eye. While there’s minimal discomfort during the process, knowing what to expect can relieve your fears:

  • Visual Acuity Test. During this test, you will be asked to read lines of letters that become increasingly smaller each line. This is to test your ability to read both near and far. This is done through a machine, in which you look into a screen. 
  • Chart Reading. To test your visual sharpness both close up and far away, we’ll have you read letters off of a chart. We will also check each eye individually and use a tool to cover each eye. 
  • Physical Examination. Using a bright light and a magnifying tool, we’ll take a look at the internal structure of your eye. This lets us see blood vessels and check for signs of disease. 
  • Glaucoma Test. Glaucoma is a serious disease that gradually causes blindness. We test for glaucoma using a special tool that blows a puff of air on your eye, or one that briefly touches the cornea, or the outside layer. 

The exam results will point our optometrist to the next steps, which may be to suggest certain treatments or order prescription eyewear. We have a number of fashionable frames available to order right in our office. Try on stylish eyeglasses designed by Kate Spade, Fossil and other famous designers. We also prescribe contacts, which are an excellent alternative to glasses. No matter what your needs are, we’re here to help. 

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If it’s time to visit an eye doctor, choose Trumansburg Optical. We offer comprehensive eye care to cover your most urgent needs. From emergency problems to getting prescription eyewear, you can rely on our team for the dedicated care you need. To schedule their next vision exam, Covert patients can call our office

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