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Vision Exam Ithaca

Vision Exam Ithaca

Vision Exam Catches Issues Early Near Ithaca

Keeping your eyes healthy ensures that they are seeing their best as well as not facing issues such as glaucoma, cataracts, or more. Dr. Henninger at Trumansburg Optical is here for you to help keep your vision as clear as possible and your eyes healthy for years and years. Comprehensive eye exams throughout your life are vital to maintaining a high level of eye health. At our place, we not only provide eye exams and emergency services, but also we can fit you with the proper contact lenses and eyeglasses. We work with patients of all ages, from little ones to seniors. In general, annual eye exams are the rule of thumb. But if you do not wear contacts, you can schedule a visit every other year as long as you do not have any concerns or eye health problems. Children should have annual exams to make sure that they can see at school and during sport activities.

Vision Exam for Lifelong Eye Health in Ithaca

Our team will thoroughly examine your eyes for both health issues and to determine your ideal prescription. Visual tests will determine your prescription for near- and far-sightedness. A health assessment will help our team pinpoint any conditions that may be affecting your eyesight. We will also make sure your eyes are healthy. If we need to take a deeper look into your eyes, we may administer dilating drops. These create a better window into your eyes as they will keep your pupils open. If we need to do this process, you should receive assistance on your drive home as it can be hard to see with everything becoming blurry. 

If we determine that you need contacts or eyeglasses, our team can take care of either of these in-house. We work with a range of contact lens brands and types. You can select a daily disposable lens, bi-weekly, or monthly depending on your prescription and lifestyle. We can discuss your options and which type will work best for you. Daily disposable contacts offer a fresh pair each and every day but are not as durable as longer-wearing lenses. These types of lenses do need to be cleaned, disinfected, and stored. 

Vision Exam and Beyond near Ithaca

If you find yourself in an emergency situation regarding your eyes or vision, we offer emergency services. You can contact us if you have a sudden loss of vision, injury to your eye from an accident or sport, or if you have black spots or sharp lights within your field of vision. We will work quickly to determine what is happening and what is the best next step to get your eyes back to normal.

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