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Vision Exam Near Jacksonville NY

If you have been struggling to read or seeing things far away, it’s time to get a vision exam near Jacksonville, NY at Trumansburg Optical! We are a family-owned optometry business nestled downtown Trumansburg. Dr. Henninger is our lead optometrist, utilizing his extensive knowledge and nearly two decades of experience in the field to deliver the best eye care possible. Protect your vision: get an eye exam at Trumansburg Optical today!

We Offer Vision Exams and More

Whenever you’re experiencing any changes or problems with your vision, you should get a check-up at the soonest opportunity. Not all symptoms are a cause for worry, but it’s best to let an eye doctor confirm that your eyes aren’t facing any diseases or damage. 

At Trumansburg Optical, you’ll come to appreciate our eye care services. We perform our eye exams using the latest technology so you know you’re getting an accurate diagnosis. Our services are affordable and covered under several widely-used insurance plans.  

If it’s been a while since your last eye exam, you might feel nervous. We want you to feel comfortable in our office. Here is what you can expect when you get an eye exam with us:

  • Eye exams involve several steps. These tests are used to comprehensively check all aspects of your eye health, from muscle movement to depth perception.  
  • You will likely need to take a visual acuity test. This involves reading several short lines of typed print that gradually becomes smaller in size. 
  • Next, you will undergo a refraction test using a phoropter. Even if the name isn’t familiar, you’ve probably seen this device before since it’s widely used in optometry. Dr. Henninger may request that you use dilation drops so he can take a closer look at your eyes. The dilation effects typically fade after several hours. 

Glasses or Contacts: Which Should I Choose?

We don’t just offer eye exams: Trumansburg Optical is also your local provider of eyewear! After your eye exam, feel free to browse and try on the frames at our office. Take your time and find something that looks great on you. We have a variety of beautiful frames designed by Tommy Hilfiger, Kate Spade and more. 

We can also get you set up with contacts if you prefer. Choosing to wear contacts or glasses is a personal decision. For instance, some people prefer contacts because they do not like how glasses obscure their peripheral vision. Others feel like glasses are easier to handle compared to contacts. The truth is, there is no “correct” choice! For most individuals, both glasses and contacts are effective at correcting vision. It’s all up to you to decide which you prefer. 

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Keep your eyes healthy with the eye care services at Trumansburg Optical. Dr. Henninger is a compassionate, experienced optometrist who carefully listens to your concerns. We want you to feel confident that you’re getting the care you deserve. Use our contact form to schedule a vision exam near Jacksonville, NY today! 

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