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Trumansburg Eye Exams

When it comes to your eyes, having a regular optical exam can help you avoid many problems down the road. During your exam, an experienced optometrist (eye doctor) can identify any issues and loss of vision before it becomes a costly and challenging problem. Dr. Henninger has seen patients from around the Finger Lakes area for well over a decade, performing thousands of examinations in the process. If it is time for your regular appointment — or if you are experiencing trouble with your vision — get in touch with him today and schedule an appointment. We’re excited to hear from you!

What can I Expect from an Appointment?

Regular eye exams are necessary to ensure the long-term health of your eyes. For more information on our health insurance options, click here.

When you come in for an appointment, Dr. Henninger will check the health of your eyes, and how they function — both individually and together. First, your vision will be checked for both near- and far-sightedness by having you perform visual tests at close and far distances. If a correction is needed, further testing can determine the exact prescription needed to correct your vision.

While some loss of vision can be expected over the years, certain conditions can contribute to worsening eyesight — including diabetes, glaucoma, and cataracts. If left undiagnosed and untreated, these conditions can have a severe long-term impact on your life. With all that in mind, the second step of an eye exam is a comprehensive health assessment. Using advanced medical equipment and imaging, Dr. Henninger can quickly identify any health issues impacting your eyes or causing vision loss.

In some cases, Dr. Henninger will recommend the use of dilating eye drops. These will allow him to get a better look inside your eyes, checking for any pathologies or abnormalities. A second driver is recommended in these cases, as the dilation drops will paralyze the up-close functionality of your eye, making it difficult to drive. While dilating drops usually last up to six hours, neutralizing drops can be taken to reduce that time to one hour.

If you choose to proceed with corrective lenses, we encourage you to try on some of our glasses frames around the office, picking out a beautiful pair for yourself.

When Should I get an Appointment?

We recommend that everyone has an eye appointment annually. By having your vision tested yearly, an experienced optometrist will be able to determine any long-term shifts in your vision quality and can make a note of any conditions which may be developing. Regular examinations are especially important for any patients who are living with diabetes, as this condition often results in vision-related issues. Having your child’s vision tested is also a great idea so that you can be aware of any vision-related concerns from the very beginning. Dr. Henninger recommends having your child’s vision checked before age one, again at three years and again before entering school, around the age of five.

Contact Dr. Henninger Today!

If you are interested in having a comprehensive, affordable, and professional eye exam, get in touch with Dr. Henninger today. You can reach him by calling his Trumansburg office, or by leaving your contact information — along with a brief message explaining your needs — on his website. From there, you can schedule your first appointment with the friendly staff of Trumansburg Optical.

A patient should have their eyes examined every year or two, based on the following factors:
  • Preschool children should have their eyes examined before age one, again at three years and again before entering school at about age five.
  • School-age children should have their eyes checked yearly.
  • Then, from age 18 to 45, adults should have their eyes examined at least every other year unless the patient wears contact lenses or has other health issues such as diabetes, hypertension or thyroid problems; in such cases, yearly exams are called for.
  • After 45, adults should be examined yearly.

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