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Eyeglasses are the most iconic part of any optometry office, and we’re no exception. At Trumansburg Optical, you’ll find a comprehensive arrangement of excellent eyeglasses at our cozy, family-owned office. And not only that, but we also provide many different options for your lenses, allowing you to customize the perfect pair of eyeglasses for yourself. Further, our lens edging is all completed in-house, lowering your wait time and allowing you to reuse your favorite old frames with a new prescription, all while supporting a local business. To speak with Dr. Henninger about your optometry needs, and how Trumansburg Optical can help you head towards the future with clear vision — give us a call today!


At our downtown Trumansburg office, you’ll find a range of attractive and sturdy frames from designers like:

  • Kate Spade
  • Jones New York
  • Ray-Ban
  • Ralph Lauren
  • Fossil
  • Tommy Hilfiger
  • Hugo Boss

And many more! Whatever style you’re looking for — from thick, dark frames, to elegant colored ones — we can find you the perfect match. You can stop into our office any time to check out our many frames, all just waiting to be fitted with your prescription!

But what happens if you need a new prescription, but have a pair of glasses you’re currently happy with? Popular styles of frames change constantly, and it can be difficult finding the same model, especially if you’ve had your glasses for a long time. Luckily for you, Trumansburg Optical has the state-of-the-art technology needed to edge lenses, meaning we can easily replace the lenses in your glasses with the new prescription, letting you keep your same favorite frame. This process will also cut down on your wait time and will cost less than buying new frames in addition to your lenses.


The other half of your glasses, the lenses are the most important part of your glasses. After having one of our thorough visual examinations, you’ll know the right prescription for your corrective lenses. From there, it’s a simple matter of ordering them for you — which we’re happy to do in-house.

For those hoping to find specialized lenses, we provide lenses with an anti-reflective coating from Crizal. These prevent glare, scratches, and smudges, keeping your vision clear for whatever may come your way. We also provide bifocals, trifocals and progressive lenses, which can help correct your near-, far- and medium-distance vision all at once. Finally, transition lenses, which automatically “sense” the light levels in an area, are great for anyone who frequently moves between inside and outside. While outside, your lenses will become tinted, acting the same as a high-quality pair of sunglasses. Meanwhile, when you are inside, they will remain clear, allowing unimpeded vision.

Prescription Sunglasses

Have you ever gone for a long drive, realizing shortly after you’ve left that you need to choose between your glasses and your sunglasses? This situation is a common problem many of us have to face, and the sun’s glare off the road, metal signs or standing water can be pretty brutal, especially when your eyesight requires that you wear glasses. Contact lenses can help you avoid this situation entirely, but many people may not be comfortable with the idea of putting lenses in their eyes. Prescription sunglasses may be the solution you’ve been looking for.

Our prescription tinted lenses can be fitted within a variety of different frames and will let you see clearly in bright conditions. We also offer polarized lenses, which are even more effective at eliminating glare and reflection off of shiny surfaces.  Whether you are struggling with the sun’s glare on the road, standing in snow or while boating, protecting your vision should be a top priority, and our prescription sunglasses give you the best of both worlds.

Extra Products

When you get a new pair of glasses, you’ll want to make sure to take care of them. Proper lens maintenance will; help you see clearly, and will mean you can go a long time without needing to replace your glasses. We have several cleaning and protection products for your glasses — including a free, durable glasses case when you buy our glasses. That way, you can leave our office stocked up on enough cleaning solution and microfiber wipes to keep your glasses smudge-free for the future.

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To schedule your first appointment, give us a call at our Trumansburg office today! You can also reach out on our website with any questions, or to set up an examination. Even if you’re just interested in seeing our collection of frames, sunglasses, and accessories, stop in today and take a look around; we’re always happy to see a new face!

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