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How An Active Lifestyle Can Help With Eye Health




Apr 24

How An Active Lifestyle Can Help With Eye Health

Staying active every day at every age is vital to all parts of your body and mind – even your eyes. As it is sunnier and warmer outside, take time to get moving and soak up some sunshine. Your eyes will love you for it!

  1. Reduce the Risk: Glaucoma creates issues for your optic nerve as a degenerative eye disease that puts pressure within your eye. If your optic nerve is damaged, it could affect your eyesight as it is the path between your brain and eye. Aerobic exercise and movements keep your blood flowing all over your body and that is good for your optic nerve.
  2. Keep Your Eyes Youthful: There are many age-related diseases and issues that can occur to our eyes, including Macular Degeneration, which is when abnormal blood vessels form around the center of your retina. You could lose vision or have blurry spots as a result. Again, blood flow and circulation from exercise can help with any age-related eye issues. Even just three days a week of movement can help.
  3. Diabetes and High Blood Pressure: These both can cause eye problems as time goes on, including retinopathy, which is another problem with the blood vessels in your eyes. Retinopathy can be caused by high blood sugar levels or high blood pressure. Taking time to walk, jog or bike will all help with your eye health.

Talk to Our Team About Your Aging Eyes

Your overall health is strongly linked to your eye health, and you should be having an annual eye exam just like you have an annual wellness physical with your doctor. Our team at Trumansburg Optical recommends that you have an eye exam every year after the age of 45. We will check on your vision as well as check on the overall health of your eye through a careful examination. If we believe that we need a closer look, we will apply dilating eye drops to delve into any possible conditions or abnormalities. You should be especially mindful of having your eyes consistently examined if you have diabetes, high blood pressure or other health problems that could affect your eye health.

Of course, how you see also affects your overall health and we will help you determine your best prescription and fit you with either contact lenses or glasses that will accommodate your lifestyle. Having contacts can help you exercise without the need to wear glasses and have them get in the way when you are active. There are a range of types of contact lenses and we can help you determine that best fit.

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