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How to Keep Your Eyes Healthy While Working From Home




Nov 2

How to Keep Your Eyes Healthy While Working From Home

Little screens are everywhere as we continue to be glued to our smartphones as well as spend more time on our laptops and computers working from home. All of this time looking at our screens can take a toll on our eyes and vision.

Here are ways to help keep your eyes as healthy as possible no matter how much screen time you get:

Watch the time: If you are working from home, you are more than likely looking at a screen for long periods of time whether you are on a Zoom call or typing up a report. It is important to limit your time staring at a screen when you can and take breaks to get up, look away and stretch. Computer Vision Syndrome can occur when your eyes weaken over time due to too much screen time. Symptoms can include: dizziness, trouble focusing, blurry vision and eye irritation.

Light effects: It is important to watch your screen time, especially when it is close to bedtime. If you are working late, try to give your eyes a screen break before closing them for the night to sleep. It is thought that exposure to blue light, bright lights and flashing lights can disrupt your body’s sleep cycle.

Exercise for your eyes too: We all know how important exercise can be for a healthy heart, bones and muscles, but it is also important for your eyes. Working from home can limit our movements as we do not have to get up and walk to a co-worker’s desk throughout the day. Even small amounts of steps are important to our overall health. Take breaks throughout your work day to keep your blood flowing to your retina and optic nerves.

Look away: To help prevent eye irritation from too much computer time, follow a simple idea: 20-20-20. Every 20 minutes, look away from your screen at an object that is about 20 feet away for around 20 seconds. There is no need for an intense start, just a casual and soft look away.

Fresh air: The air in your home will affect your eyes as you are spending more time in it! Crack a window during the cooler days to let in some fresh air and make sure that your filter is changed regularly in your HVAC system. Put an air purifier into place to help keep your air at home as clean and clear as possible. This should help reduce your eye irritation and dry eyes. 

Eye Exams Keep Your Vision Healthy

If you have any concerns or questions or have noticed a change in your vision, reach out to our team at Trumansburg Optical to make an appointment. With more screen time and the changing environment working from home, you may need new glasses or different contact lenses. We are available anytime through our online contact form

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