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Natural Eye Care Tips




Mar 23

Natural Eye Care Tips

Eye health is vital to your overall health and happiness. Eye issues or loss of vision as you age can alter your daily life and lead to stress and anxiety. From a young age, it is important to put together a natural eye health plan to preserve your peepers for years to come.

  1. Get outside safely: Walking and staying active is not only good for your overall health and mood but also can decrease your risk for diabetes, which can lead to eye disease down the road. Exercise boosts your blood flow and oxygen levels. Soaking in Vitamin D from sunlight leads to less stress and happiness, too, but make sure to limit sun exposure to your eyes by always wearing sunglasses. The type you choose should block both UVA and UVB rays. Too much sun can cause cataracts and macular degeneration.
  2. Eat good stuff: A diet that helps keep your macula, the component responsible for central vision, keeps your eyes healthy. Fatty fish and salmon have omega-3 fatty acids and leafy, green vegetables have antioxidants, which are important to tamping down free radicals. High-fat diets can constrict blood flow in your eyes’ arteries.
  3. Keep your hands off: Your fingers can be full of germs and tiny bits that may scratch your eye. Avoid touching your eyes and itching them. Always wash your hands before touching your eyes or removing your contacts.
  4. Health history: Sure you know about your family’s history of cancer or heart disease, but have you ever asked your parents or grandparents about eye health? Some eye issues are hereditary and it is key that your optometrist knows about any diseases or conditions in your family’s past. We may recommend a preventive strategy to keep your eyes as healthy as possible.
  5. Regular exams: It goes without saying that the main component of eye health is making sure you and your family members are consistently seeing an eye doctor for a comprehensive exam and to watch for issues. 
  6. Get some sleep: Consistent, solid sleep keeps you and your eyes happy and healthy. Your peepers work hard all day, even more so with so much screen time, and they need to rest every night. Take breaks throughout the day when on your laptop or phone as well.

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