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Protecting Your Eyes from Cold Weather




Nov 27

Protecting Your Eyes from Cold Weather

Winter brings snow adventures, holiday fun, cozy evenings and, unfortunately, eye issues! When the weather turns colder, you may experience a range of eye issues, including dry eyes, new allergy symptoms, facing snow glare and more. 

Here we take a look at symptoms and how you can alleviate them to make the most of your winter:

Dry as a desert eyes: Just like our skin can be affected by the cold weather, so can our eyes. As lotion is key to moisturizing our dry winter skin, you can also apply that same approach to your eyes. At the first feel of dry eyes, drop in some eye drops that are lubricating and moisturizing. The over-the-counter drops are safe, but if you find that your dry eye persists, it is recommended that you have your eyes checked out here at Trumansburg Optical. Consider a home humidifier to help alleviate all kinds of dryness during the winter months. Ideally, 45% is the amount of humidity that can make a difference. If you are living with dry eyes as a contact wearer, you may need to give your eyes a break and wear your glasses for a while. Keep yourself hydrated inside and out by maintaining your water consumption or increasing it to adjust to the dry winter weather.

Watery view: Another eye problem that can arise are more tears. Dryer air can create a thinner layer of tear protection and prompt water eyes. You can help ease this by continuing to wear your sunglasses even when it is not as sunny out. These will help shade your eyes when you are out in the cold weather.  Also, always wear the proper winter gear, including hats and scarves.

Glaring snow: When the sun hits the surface of the snow, it can create a strong glare that can be dangerous for your eyes. If you are a winter sports enthusiast, you need to wear the proper eye protection that has 100& UV protection. Of course, wearing your sunglasses is important as well. When you are driving or outside, your sunglasses will keep the strong UV rays out of your eyes.

Cold, flu and allergies: Wintertime is cold and flu time! Make sure to keep your eyes healthy as well as yourself with consistent hand-washing and keeping your hands off your eyes. If you are an allergy sufferer, keep up on your medication, eye drops and avoiding triggers as allergy eyes can be even more irritated during winter and the cold.

Annual Exams Keep Your Eyes at Their Best All Year Long

If you are due for a comprehensive eye exam, come out and see our team! It is important to your eye health to have your prescription adjusted and eyes thoroughly examined. We will help you see your best all winter – and all year – long. Reach out to us through our online contact form.

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