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When to See an Eye Doctor




Apr 27

When to See an Eye Doctor

Your neighborhood eye doctor is a trusted health professional that can guide you on many aspects of health care, but only if you come in for an office visit. From birth to senior age, your eye doctor should be part of your team of health professionals that you get to know and connect with annually and on an emergency basis. 

Beginning at a young age, you should take your children to see an eye doctor for an early analysis of vision and eye health. Our team at Trumansburg Optical recommends that children see us beginning at the age of 1. We feel that we can not only uncover any initial issues through an exam but also can get your young ones used to sitting in our eye exam chair and be comfortable around us and our team. We can go over our tools of the trade and help your youngest family members feel right at home.

See Us Early On

After the age of 1, we want to see your kids again at age 3 and then when they are entering school. School-age children especially need to see their best as they are heading into the classroom and sight can affect school performance and grades. Eye conditions, such as color blindness or dyslexia can also be discovered and addressed early on. If your child needs eyeglasses, we offer many styles to help them find the perfect fashion statement to help them enter the world of eyeglasses and feel confident and comfortable. We have trendy designers, such as Hugo Boss, Ralph Lauren and Ray-Ban for any fashion divas as well as sturdy and durable frames. 

As your children age, they should see us annually for their eye health, just as they see their pediatrician for a wellness exam. If your teens are ready to wear contact lenses, we can go over what options and brands may fit their lifestyle best. We carry many lenses that can be changed daily, monthly or every 2 weeks. We can go over the best contact lens care as well.

Not just children, but adults need to be mindful of staying up on their eye exams as well. From ages 18 to 45, we advise that our patients should see us every other year, unless they wear contact lenses or have health issues, such as diabetes or hypertension that can cause issues to their eyes. After 45, we should see you once a year, no matter what.

Emergencies Should Be Addressed

Beyond an annual appointment, we want to see you immediately if you have sudden blurriness or vision loss or new darkening of the outer edges of your vision or if you are now seeing spots of light. If you are unsure if symptoms are an emergency or not, we encourage you to contact us for guidance.

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Meet The Doctor

Dr. Neil F. Henninger

Dr. Henninger has been practicing Optometry in the Finger Lakes area since 1992. He has a Bachelor of Science degree from Ithaca College and a Doctor of Optometry degree from The New England College of Optometry. Dr. Henninger is a member of the American Optometric Association, New York State Optometric Association and the Southern Tier Optometric Association.

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